My Missing Aunt 양양
In Progress 
Korea|2022(estimated)|80min / 52min(estimated)|Documentary
University graduation is coming up, and one day, my dad calls me. In his drunk voice, he tells me, "Don't turn out like your aunt." I hear about having an aunt for the first time. Soon, I decide to look for traces of my aunt in the house. I find her face and name in an old photo album my grandmother had hidden away.  In 1975, just before her college graduation, she committed suicide by drinking poison. My dad, now a middle-aged man, begins to answer my questions about her with difficulty. According to him, she had always looked depressed and that must have been why she chose death. Did she choose to die just because she was a depressed woman? I decide to go looking for the places she visited and the people who remember her, based on some forty photos I found of her.
대학 졸업식을 앞둔 어느 날, 아빠에게 전화가 온다. 술에 취해 혀가 꼬인 목소리로, 아빠는 나에게 “고모처럼 되지 말라”고 말한다. 그 날 나는 처음으로 고모가 있었다는 사실을 알게 된다. 이후 나는 집 안에서부터 고모의 흔적을 찾아보기로 한다. 그리고 그녀의 얼굴과 이름을 할머니가 숨겨둔 오래된 사진첩 속에서 발견한다. 나는 40여 장의 사진을 단서로 고모가 있었던 장소와 고모를 기억하는 사람들을 찾아 나선다.​​​​​​​
Director's statement
“Be a good girl.” It’s what I’ve heard so much, growing up. The words followed me through my adulthood. I still remember the dark, secretive mood when I first heard about my aunt from my dad. Why did my father tell me not to become like her? He did not even tell me her name. I was curious about the story of my aunt, who hadn’t been a good girl. Since that night when my father shared his secret and said ‘the daughters of Yang’s family were miserable', I kept on linking myself to my aunt. When things didn't work out, I found myself blaming the nameless aunt. I wanted to end the growing negativity between us. To do that, I had to look into her. I’d like to remember my aunt with this film. My aunt should not be considered a taboo, nor a secret shadow of the past. She is Jiyoung Yang, a female university student who had lived in Korea in the ‘70s, and also a member of a family. She was a human being with feelings of love, resent, longing, and jealousy. She had a name and a face. Her story would connect with stories of other women. Today, even after generations, people still ask their daughters to ‘be a good girl.’ My story is about how those words can become a tragedy and a taboo in a family. At the same time, I will show how new possibilities can be made, by gazing into the same tragedy and taboo. This film is a story of despair and hope.
집 안에서 언제나 나는 착한 딸이 되어야만 했다. 내가 태어나고 3년 후 남동생이 태어났다. 남동생은 가족들 관심의 중심에 있었고 나는 그 장면을 옆에서 지켜보는 게 익숙하고 편했다. 가족들은 내 이름 대신 종종 ‘누나’라는 호칭을 사용했고 자연스레 나는 착한 누나가 되어있었다. 착한 딸, 착한 누나. 가족 안에서 내 자리는 그렇게 만들어졌다. 
 대학 졸업 이후, 사회 안에서 여성의 자리는 언제나 정숙해야만 한다는 사실을 알게 되었다. 집에서는 착한 딸로, 사회에서는 착한 아내, 착한 엄마로 살아야만 하는 이 도식은 언제부터 생겨난 걸까? 내 관심사는 자연스레 착할 수 없는 딸들의 이야기가 되기 시작했다. 대학을 졸업한 이후, 이름도 얼굴도 모르는 고모의 이야기는 계속 내 머릿속을 맴돌았다. 그 순간 깨달았다. 어쩌면 그녀의 이야기는 곧 내 이야기일 수도 있다는 것을 말이다. 그녀도 나처럼 착한 딸이 되어야만 했을까? 나는 착할 수 없었던 그녀의 이야기를 영화로 남기고 싶다.
DIRECTOR. 양주연 YANG Juyeon 
PRODUCER. 고두현 KO Duhyun, 강사라 KANG Sarah 
Production History
2018.08.  Global Pitching Academy / EBS International Documentary Film Festival
2019.01.  Development grant / Jeonju Cinema Fund (Jeonju IFF)
2019.05.  In-kind support for sound mixing / Jeonju Cinema Fund
2019.05.  Production grant / Korean Film Council
2019.07.  AND Fund / Asian Cinema Fund (Busan IFF)
2019.07.  Planning and Development fund / Korea Communications Agency
- Honourable Mention for the Best Female Director of the Saxon State Minister for the Arts
2019.11.  IDFA 2019 IDFAcademy Selected
2020.06.  Production Grant / GITCT 
2020.08. EIDF H!-docs Pitch / EBS International Documentary Film Festival
- Industry Choice Award
2021.06 Gyeonggi diverse film investment fund 2021 / Gyeonggi Content Agency

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